OtiVet Line

The OTIVET veterinary production line  is born from the  deep experience gained by OTI  in the field of Natural Medicine and Non-Conventional Medicines, successfully applied for more than 30 years to the health and well-being of the human being.

This experience is now dedicated to the best man's friends through a full line of products intended for  health and hygiene and for the psycho-physical and emotional well-being.
Integrated Veterinary Medicine, just like Natural Medicine and Homeopathy, defines the disease as an "imbalance of the homeostasis of the organism".
The formulations in each product of the OTIVET line are the result of a careful study of the most common disorders of domestic animals, grouped according to an integrated pathophysiological analysis.
This holistic approach focuses the  therapeutic intervention on personalized strategies that take into account the peculiarities and uniqueness of each animal in relation to the pathophysiological conditions common to each disease.
The most advanced phyto-therapeutic knowledge on the use of occidental plants and medicinal herbs, in conjunction with the plants used in Chinese Traditional Medicine, inspired the formulations of the OTIVET  products to provide the domestic animals  a deep wellbeing, restoring their state of health