The company is specialized in the production of different types of products based on plant extracts such as Mother Tinctures, Glycerine Macerates, Fluid Extracts, Bach Flowers and Essential Oils.            


For the purposes of the preparation of each extract, the officinal plant collected in its balsamic period is used as the raw material. The specific part of the plant, or the plant as a whole, is used in accordance with the health guidelines traditionally recognised in the literature and by the Ministry of Health.

In order to ensure and maintain a high quality standard, all the raw materials that enter the OTI production departments come from confirmed suppliers: their reliability in providing continuously and timely high quality vegetable materials for the preparation of proprietary medicines has been proven through adequate internal organisational and analytical procedures.         

The qualitative parameters of the incoming raw materials and out of the outgoing finished products are constantly monitored by the OTI Quality Control Laboratories equipped with all the appropriate analytical instruments (HPLC, Bulk Gases, Atomic absorption, Spectrometer, IR, etc.) and all the equipment for microbiological controls.

A strength of the production process is the use of automatic latest generation ejectors that allow extraction at room temperature (or even lower) thereby avoiding the risk of deterioration of the thermolabile molecules. This outcome is obtained thanks to our extractors which can work in decompression and overpressure cycles: in fact even remaining at room temperature, by mechanical effect, the molecules are transported from the vegetal matrix to the liquid phase.           

The methodology is standardized and therefore guarantees perfect reproducibility of the entire production process.

All the plant extracts thereby obtained are subjected to adequate analytical controls, carried out by our Quality Control Laboratory.

The controls, carried out both during the manufacturing process and on the finished product, guarantee not only the presence of the specific qualitative and quantitative characteristics of each extract but also the absence in the product of contaminating agents and pathogenic micro-organisms.