Composizione per 100 gr:
Urtica Dioica foglie 10 gr
Gymnostemma Pentaphylla pianta 10 gr
Ulmus campestris corteccia 10 gr
Arctium lappa radice 10 gr
Lapatcho corteccia 8 gr
Rumex Acetosella pianta 10 gr
Rheum Palmatum radici 10 gr
Trifolium Pratense fiori 8 gr
Nasturtium officinale pianta 8 gr
Laminaria Claustoni tallo 8 gr
Cardus Benedictus piante e foglie 8 gr
Helps with tissue drainage.
Add 1 50 gr. Sachet of Decopur to about 1.25 litres of oligomineral water and bring to the boil for 10 minutes; let it rest for 12 hour, filter through and store in fridge in closed glass containers.
Contraindications and side effects

Prepared as a decoction, this remedy helps the physiological drainage of emunctory organs.
Cofanetto 2 Bustine

MinSan: 902585037
Price: €18.00



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