Ingredienti: Acqua, Brandy,
Aspen (Bach flower) T.B. 0,2%,
Cerato (Bach flower) T.B. 0,2%,
Cherry Plum (Bach flower) T.B. 0,2%,
 Mimulus (Bach flower) T.B. 0,2%,
Olive (Bach flower) T.B. 0,2%,
Rock Rose (Bach flower) T.B. 0,2%,
Scleranthus (Bach flower) T.B. 0,2%, 
Star of Bethlehem (Bach flower)
T.B. 0,2%, Walnut (Bach flower) T.B.
0,2%, Wild Oat (Bach flower) T.B. 0,2%,
California Pitcher Plant
(Californian flower) T.B. 0,2%,
Garlic (Californian flower) T.B. 0,2%,
Mountain Pride (Californian flower)
T.B. 0,2%, Dog Rose (Australian Bush) 
T.B. 0,2%, Grey Spider Flower
(Australian Bush) T.B. 0,2%,
Waratah (Australian Bush) T.B. 0,2%,
Illyarrie (Australian Living) T.B. 0,2%,
Pink Fountain Triggerplant 
(Australian Living) T.B. 0,2%,
Shy Blue Orchid 
(Australian Living) T.B. 0,2%
spray 50 ml
Spray da 50 ml in soluzione idroalcolica

MinSan: 939570709
Price: €20.90



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