KiloEquil 1 (sachet): Dietary supplement stimulating a feeling of satiety

• Inulin 4 g
• Taraxacum Dry extract 0.9 g
• Pineapple Dry extract 0.9 g
KiloEquil 2 (pearls): Dietary supplement regulating the lean/fat body mass ratio and favouring the lean mass.
• Safflower Oil (Carthamus tinctorius)
• Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) 80% 0.8 g of which: isomer cis-9, trans-11 37.5% 0.3 g
isomer trans-10, cis-12 37.5% 0.3 g
KiloEquil 3 (capsules): Dietary supplement stimulating the basal metabolism and reducing fat storage and sugar levels.

• Phaseolus vulgaris Dry extract 950 mg
• Cassia nomame Dry extract (40mg catechins intake) 500 mg
• Chrome 200 mg

body weight loss plan under balanced energy restricted diet



Contraindications and side effects
KiloEquil protocol includes three complementary products, a strategic response to weight problems. Considering the synergetic action of these three dietary supplements, them at the same time.
KiloEquil 1: dissolve 1 sachet 6gr in som water and drink in the morning.
KiloEquil 2: 1 pearl after lunch and 1 after dinner.
KiloEquil 3: 2 capsules immediately after lunch and 2 immediately after dinner. 
Blister da 120 capsule

MinSan: 931033726
Price: €26.00
Cofanetto 3 Astucci

MinSan: 930102811
Price: €54.00



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