190 mg. of pasteurized freeze-dried goat colostrum 
Nutrient-rich, health benefiting dietary supplement of freeze-dried goat colostrum
OTICOL is a multifactor dietary supplement.
Given the diversified action of its components, colostrum is useful in a wide variety of processes, helping to maintain general good health.

OTICOL is a pasteurized freeze-dried goat colostrum dietary supplement.
Scientific studies have shown that colostrum, the first secretion produced by the mammary gland is particularly nutrient-rich (minerals, vitamins, amino acids), growth factors (GH, IGF-1, IGF-2, TGF-BETA, EGF, PDGF, VEGF), polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins (lactoferrin, casein, serum albumin, lactoalbumin) and immune system factors (immunoglobulins, cytokines, interleukins, interferon).
The concentration of immunoglobulins is particularly significant (IgG, IgM, IgA) and considerably higher than in milk. Oticol is therefore a multi-factor dietary supplement and given the diversified action of its components, it is useful in a wide variety of processes.
Contraindications and side effects
None at the dosages recommended. Keep out of reach of children.
1 to 6 capsules a day.
Blister da 30 capsule

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Price: €33.00



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