• Twice-distilled fish oil 940 mg corresponding to
- total 800 mg OMEGA 3, of which
EPA 470mg
DHA 235mg
• Vitamin E 10 mg, equal to 100% RDA
• Lipoic acid 50 mg
• Excipients 100 mg

omega 3 fatty acid supplement

Prevention and control of cardiovascular disorders and related risk factors:
• Atherosclerosis;
• Infarcts, especially useful in the secondary prevention after a previous heart attack;
• Hyper-triglyceridemia and lipidic metabolic disorder in general;
• Arterial hypertension;
• Platelet ;
Prevention and adjuvant action in cerebral degenerative syndromes:
• Depression, mood disorders
• Alzheimer
• Parkinson

Contraindications and side effects


1-3 pearls a day during meals.

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