Taking care of our pet friends in the name of the balance of nature. This is the goal of the ANIMA and ANIMA-L lines which, thanks to research on new complementary feeds, natural cosmetics and the benefits of Bach flowers, give energy and well-being.

ANIMA-L is a line of complementary feed for dogs and cats, aimed at taking care, through nutrition, of our animal friends, respecting their particular metabolism and specific nutritional needs.
These are balanced formulations, with variable dosages with respect to size, made with plant extracts, essential nutrients and probiotics, the benefits of which are confirmed by the most recent results of the scientific literature dedicated to animal health and welfare.

The same line includes products for animal cosmetics: shampoos, conditioners and lotions to give the coat hygiene, protection and shine, respecting the pH of the skin, thanks to non-aggressive formulas based on plant extracts and raw materials of natural origin, without sulphates, parabens and other potentially irritating substances.

The Bach flower products of the ANIMA line have been made for humans but, thanks to the specific association of components and the alcohol-free formula, they are perfectly suited for use in pets, especially for behavioral problems.

The principle behind the use of Bach flowers for animals is based on the fact that these are living beings capable of emotions, just like humans. Our animals, in their immediacy and spontaneity, devoid of cultural superstructures, of social roles to be played, have a greater proximity to their true being, therefore the effect of the Bach flowers is simpler and more immediate.