After 25 years of studies, OTI – Officine Terapie Innovative has developed a line of micro-dose medicines, which are part of the immunological area.

These are homeopathic medicines based on monoclonal antibodies, which have obtained the AIC (marketing authorization) from the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA). Research and innovation represent the hallmark of the OTI project, the only Italian pharmaceutical company to have registered at AIFA, the Anti CD products, monoclonal antibodies in micro-doses, (Differentiation Clusters), a line of immune-pharmacological substances that follows the principle of molecular similitude of infectious antigens (especially viral antigens). A result today more than ever of great interest for health.

These substances of biological origin are handled in a BL3 room – Bio Safety level 3 – that means in a laboratory equipped with very high safety and bio-containment standards, where substances of biological origin can be processed. The use of monoclonal antibodies in small doses, now consolidated by 25 years of experience, represents an original and unique way of interpreting modern homeopathy, allowing it to be rightly included in the field of official pharmacology, of which it fully shares the toxicological studies.

OTI has always strongly believed in the possibility of adapting to the ever new discoveries of bio-medical knowledge, starting from the principle that pharmacology is an integrated system, in which there are no contradictions between distinct parts, but a reciprocal complementarity, addressed to the people well-being.