OTI BIMBI is a new pediatric line born from the research of OTI laboratories. A range of products studied with specific combinations of medicinal plants, indicated for the well-being of children and formulated in compliance with the guidelines for the correct use of the medicinal plants issued by the Italian Federation of Pediatricians (FIMP).

The use of food supplements is widespread in Italy and the benefits of medicinal plants are particularly appreciated by pediatric doctors (source @ FIMP), which encourage sweet therapies where the child’s ailments do not present a complex clinical picture, but can be overcome with the aid of less invasive approaches.

OTI BIMBI products are based on titrated and standardized dry extracts, with clear indications on the parts of the plant used and on the percentages of the main components.

Scientific studies show how herbs can be used in various children’s disorders such as constipation and gaseous colic. COLIBEN, DOLCE NOTTE, TUXIRIB are part of the new OTI BIMBI line.